Suah Clothing was founded by Liberian-born Morrinah Suah Kwekeh. The name Suah is from the Kpelle tribe of Liberia, which means a woman of great power.

Morrinah started her career in the fashion space as a Fashion & Travel Blogger in 2020. On her blog, Her Millennial Closet, which is still active today, she shares her joy of fashion.

Suah Clothing is a product of Her Millennial Closet. As a blogger, being creative and creating inspires the creation of Suah Clothing. Our pieces are for women of great power.

Operating out of the United States, our pieces are for women who enjoy the thrill and luxury of fashion. All our pieces are designed and manufactured in the United States.

Our designs cater to women who are confident in bold colors, prints, and statement-making designs.